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Business is tough and competitive. You need the proper tools to compete and succeed.

At Seljax, we understand your business and your business needs. Seljax Estimating & 3D Design software was built from scratch by an estimator with years of experience in the building materials industry. Our software design and development team all have industry experience. Seljax knows your challenges, so we offer you logical solutions, because we’re built by retailers for retailers.

Our estimating products increase the speed, accuracy, and presentation of your estimates, without making you drastically change the way you currently do estimates. In addition to adding to your estimating capabilities, Seljax 3D Design products give you a marketing tool like no other.

You may have questions as to what Seljax Estimating & 3D Design software is capable of and what it can do for you. We’ve provided you with a list of the most common questions we’ve been asked.

How fast is Seljax Estimating & 3D Design software?
Seljax Estimating & 3D Design makes the job of estimating incredibly fast. You’ll be able to do a stud frame structure, post frame building or deck in less than 5 minutes. Once you’re familiar with Seljax House Estimating, you’ll be able to do a simple bungalow or ranch house in less than 20 minutes and a more complex, multi-level house in under an hour.

Is Seljax estimating accurate?
When you’re estimating by hand, you tend to sacrifice accuracy for increased speed. With Seljax Estimating & 3D Design software, you don’t sacrifice anything. Complex formulas take hours to calculate by hand, which is why you develop shortcuts and decrease your accuracy. Seljax can do the most complex of formulas in fractions of a second. Seljax doesn’t compromise on accuracy.

Is Seljax Estimating & 3D Design software hard to use?

We realize you’re busy and don’t necessarily have time to learn a wieldy, complex program. That’s why our goal from the beginning was to make Seljax as easy to use as possible. Our program is extremely intuitive—it makes sense. Because we know estimating, we have our screens follow the same process you would use on paper. Seljax makes sure that each function is easy and right there in front of you. We don’t hide things in complex menus or screens.

Will Seljax fit my estimating style?

Because Seljax knows estimating, we also know that all estimators have their own style of estimating. We’ve ensured you don’t have to change your style. Even though we’ve programmed all of the complex formulas into our software, we’ve made it flexible so you can manipulate those formulas to calculate your way. Put in waste factors for individual products. Adjust the number of extra studs you calculate per corner or opening. Set the number of H-Clips you use for each piece of roof sheathing. Estimate it your way.

Can this really increase my sales and improve my bottom line?
Absolutely! Seljax 3D design and estimating software is an extremely effective marketing tool. Walk your clients through a 3D house, deck, stud frame building, or post frame structure. Change sizes, colors, and styles as you go. Provide your customer with a print out of exactly what they’ll be building in minutes. You will increase your sales and increase your bottom line with all of your 3D tools.

What kind of computer do I need to run Seljax Estimating?

Your computer requires the following to run Seljax:
Minimum Requirements
- 4 GB of RAM
- Windows 7 or better
- DirectX 9.0 compatible video card

Recommended Requirements
- 8 GB of RAM
- Windows 7 or better
- DirectX 9.0 compatible video card

Additional Information
Stats show that the first estimator to complete an estimate is the most likely to complete the sale. The average Building Material Dealer relies on estimating to account for more than 75% of annual revenues. With the speed and accuracy of Seljax Estimating & 3D Design software, you will be at the front of the line every time. When you cut your estimating time down to a fraction of what it used to be, it leaves you and your employees with more time for additional estimates you would not have been able to do while still leaving time for all those other jobs that need doing.

Using Seljax Estimating & 3D Design software, you increase your number of estimates, your sales, and your profits.














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